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Commission decision concerning the 2011 Work Programme in the field of mobility and transport

Date: 14/03/2011

This Work Programme is divided into two parts:

A. Grants awarded without a basic act following a call for proposals.

B. Grants awarded without a call for proposals.

The Commission is also implementing three multiannual programmes adopted under the co-decision procedure in the field of mobility and transport:

  • Marco Polo II Programme;
  • Trans-European Transport Networks;
  • Certain measures under the 7th Research Framework Programme.

What are EU decisions?

Decisions are EU laws relating to specific cases. They can come from the EU Council, sometimes jointly with the European Parliament, or the Commission. They can require authorities and individuals in Member States either do something or stop doing something, and can also confer rights on them. EU decisions are addressed to specific parties (unlike regulations) and fully binding.


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