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Maltese company runs vessel traffic management training to avoid accidents at sea

Date: 14/09/2012

Maltese training organisation Future Focus recently successfully carried out the initial phase of a specialised training programme for Vessel Traffic System (VTS) operators in Montenegro, Albania, Israel and Jordan.

The programme, which provides VTS operators further training to bring their qualifications in line with International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) standards, falls under Task 4.5 of the Safe Med II project’s objectives – ‘Training of VTS operators to IALA standards’. 

The programme is tailored to address the individual needs of each of these beneficiaries, with the broad aim of training a number of VTS operators, supervisors, and on-the-job instructors from each participating Safe Med II project beneficiary. 

The training involves four steps, starting with a VTS operator’s course, comprising theoretical and practical training. 

The second part of the course involves a VTS simulation activity carried out at a training facility of an IALA-approved VTS training provider.

For step three, the participating Safe Med II project beneficiaries will be invited to nominate two IALA-certified VTS operators to attend the VTS supervisor’s course, to be held at an IALA-approved VTS training provider. 

In the fourth and final step, each of the Safe Med II project beneficiaries may nominate one qualified VTS supervisor to receive VTS on-the-job instructor training.

The manager of the project is the Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean sea (Rempec), which helps the Mediterranean coastal states in ratifying, transporting, implementing and enforcing international maritime conventions related to the prevention of marine pollution from ships.

For more information, call Ros­anne Galea on 2122 5884 or e-mail [email protected].

Source: Times of Malta

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