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Malta Shortsea Promotion Centre: January – June 2013

Date: 07/08/2013

The first six months of 2013 have been very hectic for the Malta Shortsea Promotion Centre and the programme for the second half of the year promises to be as involving.  Changes were made to the statute of MSPC which is now officially registered as an NGO so that it can now apply for EU funds particularly for educational purposes.  

Apart from the monthly newsletter, the regular updating of the website and the monthly board meeting during the first half of this year, the MSPC was also involved in a variety of other projects.

In the past few months, members from the MSPC attended meetings in Brussels and in Paris which dealt with the workings of the European Shortsea Network. They also attended meetings in Malta with MEUSAC on funding for educational courses that MSPC intends to sponsor. The MSPC also held discussions with prospective members to add more members to the Center; and so far, four new members have joined this year.

In May, the NGO also participated in the European Maritime Day, hosted by the European Commission (DG for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries), the Maltese Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business, as well as the Maltese Ministry for Tourism, and within it organized a seminar on the sustainable coastal and maritime tourism in the wider context of blue growth.  This seminar was coordinated with the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management Clean Shipping Index and the Region of Västra Götaland.  It was a very well attended seminar, and highly participative.

Furthermore, the MSPC was also directly involved in the European Shortsea Network Project “ESN – The Way Forward”, which deals with the collation of data and other market information on shortsea shipping on a Europe wide basis.  This project is a Marco Polo Project, and not only is the MSPC participating actively in three different work packages, but they have been also appointed as coordinators for the East Med sector which includes also Malta.

For the next six months, the MSPC has a number of defined objectives. There is the completion of the ESN Project by November, the groundwork for the securing of funds from the EU for organising a training seminar for Maltese participants at the Escola de Shortsea Shipping in Barcelona, coordinating meetings with respective entities such as Transport Malta, Chamber of Commerce, and GRTU to present the workings of MSPC, and finalizing an internal study on the educational and training courses in Malta related to transport and logistics.

The main objective of MSPC remains that of being a source of information for European matters relating to shortsea shipping and thereby assisting in the development of Malta’s potential in shortsea shipping.

For further details and membership, one can contact the Malta Shortsea Promotion Centre on [email protected]



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