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Shipbuilding shortlist by November this year

Date: 11/09/2013

The Government is likely to award the Marsa Shipbuilding site to a number of operators, rather than to just one bidder, sources said.

“It was very reassuring to get so many bids – 17 of the 28 proposals are for development of parts of the site – and since there is so much choice, the Government should be in a good position to choose the projects that will generate the most economic activity,” the sources said. 

When the call for expressions of interest was issued, 48 entities collected the documents for development of the 175,000 square metre site. The sources said some of the entities subsequently joined forces and submitted a bid as a consortium, noting that the list included all the main contractors in Malta as well as a number of “very interesting” international ones. 

The submissions received last Monday were described as being “substantial” and the Government is hoping that there will be enough information submitted for the Adjudicating Committee, which will be under the supervision of the Privatisation Unit, to be able to assess the bids.

The committee has not yet been appointed and the bids have not yet been opened, so there is as yet no clue as to what the projects entail, what financial offers are being made, or what economic impact they forecast.

“The Government has made it clear that the financial bid will not be the only criteria. The site is an economically very important one and it is very important to also look at the multiplier effect that would result from having a maritime cluster – including new economic activity and jobs created.

“Once the companies have been shortlisted – which should not take more than a few months, we hope that the process will move quite quickly.”


Source: Times of Malta

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