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Sulphur emissions control area – Baltic and North Seas

Date: 13/01/2014

Reference has been made on a number of occasions previously within both ECASBA and FONASBA to the detrimental impact on maritime transport of the imposition of the 0.1% sulphur emissions limit in the Baltic and North Seas in June 2015.
All members will be aware that ECASBA has regularly joined with, and supported, other industry groups and the European Shortsea Network (ESN) in calling for introduction of the limit to be postponed to allow alternative fuels and emission abatement technologies to be developed and implemented but to date neither IMO nor the European Commission appear interested in doing so. One of the countries to be worst affected by the measures will be Finland and its Shortsea Promotion Centre has put together a detailed presentation on the issue, which it presented to the meeting of the European Shortsea Network in December 2013. ECASBA Chairman Antonio Belmar da Costa attended that meeting as the representative of the Portuguese centre. A copy for circulation to FONASBA members with information may be found on the following link:
SECA 2015 Preparedness

The European Shortsea Network has also commissioned an extensive study, running to some 80 pages, which goes into even further issues. This has been widely distributed in Europe and a short summary sheet based on the findings of the study may be found on the following link:
SECA Report
ECASBA will continue to work together with all relevant maritime transport organisations to try and bring about a sensible and practical outcome to this issue.

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