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A European strategy to promote coastal and maritime tourism

Date: 13/03/2014

The European Commission has presented its new strategy to support coastal and maritime tourism in Europe. Recognising the sector's potential for sustainable growth and job creation, the strategy outlines 14 actions to help coastal regions and businesses tackle the challenges they face and strengthen the sector's position as a key driver of Europe's BLUE economy.

Despite its surefire potential, the sector faces a number of challenges, which the strategy seeks to address including, gaps in data and knowledge, volatile demand, high seasonality, lack of adequate skills and innovation, and difficulties accessing financing. Actions in the strategy focus on helping the sector overcome these obstacles and create an environment conducive to investment and sustainable growth.

The strategy is intended to support growth and jobs, make the sector's activities sustainable, preserve natural and cultural heritage, reap significant economic and environmental benefits, and aid in securing this particular sector more globally competitive.

Coastal and maritime tourism takes into consideration beach-based, nautical, cruising or boating tourism and is an essential economic driver in many coastal regions and islands in Europe.

This sector employs almost 3.2 million people, generating a total of € 183 billion in gross value added for EU economy, representing over one third of the maritime economy gross product. Tourism is a growing business: in 2013, the number of nights spent in hotels or similar establishments reached a peak of 2.6 billion nights in the EU28, an increase of 1.6% over 2012.

Liberating the potential of coasts and seas would contribute to the wealth and well-being of coastal regions and the EU's economy in general, while ensuring a sustainable and long term development of all tourism-related activities.

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