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MSPC New Member – Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport – Malta

Date: 20/05/2014

We are pleased to announce that The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport Malta has recently become a new member of the MSPC. 

The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport Malta, represents The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport International, incorporated by Royal Charter in 1926. Originating during the last century, CILT International has a number of member branches in Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and North America.  In 2006 global membership stood at around 30,000.

Up to the 1990s, Malta was still considered as an Affiliate Member of the Chartered Institute of Transport (U.K.). The Corresponding Member, Mr. Willie Scicluna, encouraged Maltese students to enroll in the Institute to become part of a growing network of transport professionals. It was this period that saw the birth of the Foundation for Transport Studies. Unfortunately, the untimely demise of Mr. Scicluna resulted, in that both the local Chartered Institute of Transport branch, as well as the Foundation for Transport Studies lay dormant for a number of years.

 In 1999, the newly elected Malta Chairman, Captain Harry Dillon, took up the challenge to initiate negotiations with the Institute (U.K.) for them to accept the Maltese application for independent status. As a result of the high esteem and respect nurtured by the Malta Branch ensured that on 1st October 2000, this section started operating as The Chartered Institute of Transport (Malta). This gave us the opportunity to administer the local Institute as CIT and not as branch of ILT United Kingdom.  With the merger of the Institution of Logistics and the Chartered Institute of Transport, the local section became known as the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, Malta.  Following the setting up, if not the resurrection of the Institute in Malta, the Local Section’s Committee members set off to consolidate what had been previously achieved and place the Institute on strong footing for the future.

With the aim to keep in touch with the constant progress and changes in the International Institute, committee members have represented the local section at its International Council Meetings. Senior officials of the CILT regularly visit Malta to participate in CILT Malta’s activities. In 2010, CILT Malta hosted CILT International Convention with over 130 foreign delegates from worldwide branches of CILT International. The 98 local members also have access to CILT World, the Institute’s journal.  Since July 2006, the Malta Section started issuing regular e-circular to its members.  In addition, a website ( includes information on the local and international Institutes as well as updates from the local transport and logistics sector.  For the past five years, CILT Malta has organized an annual conference.

A Diploma in Transport Studies was launched in 2001 and since then over 40 students joined the programme.  The Foundation for Transport Studies has provided invaluable support over the years to this initiative.  In 2006, the first group of students received their membership certificates on completion of their education programme.  Two students were also accepted on the Masters in Logistics programme run by Aston University. 

In 2004, CILT Malta ran the first International Certificate programme.  Because of our efforts in education, CILT Malta was requested to prepare the syllabus for the new International Diploma.  The syllabus was launched in October 2006.CILT Malta was actively involved in supporting the setting up of a CILT Committee in Egypt and the provision of educational programmes for CILT Dubai.  In the past, it has provided assistance to sections in Africa. In 2008, it hosted 20 members from CILT Nigeria who attended a training programme in Malta.

Since 2009, CILT Malta in conjunction with the University of Malta has established a successful three year part time evenings Higher Diploma in Logistics and Transport studies and sponsor bursaries for students on this course.

It is CILT Malta’s mission to become a leading voice focal point in education and professionalism in the transport and logistics sector in Malta.

For further information:- [email protected]

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