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MEDNET Port Operation Observatory in the Mediterranean

Date: 14/08/2014

The “Observatory of Port Operations in the Mediterranean” acts as an all-inclusive information centre and knowledge base on port administrative requirements, logistic procedures, port operations and customs formalities. It also aims at recording and disseminating best practices. The Observatory allows, through the use of a specialized database, the understanding of the technical parameters related to port operations‟ performance, and highlighting strengths and weaknesses of port operations.

It is expected to build up a communication platform at European, national and regional levels. In addition, it is anticipated to rely on a theme-classified discussion group.

The GIS tools for the MEDNET Port Operations Observatory in the Mediterranean were presented during the GEOBIA 2014 conference. The GIS tools focuses on giving a valuable mapping representation in all different parameters of MEDNET specialized database, providing a spatial representation of all findings of the evaluation procedure. This spatial parameter may also justify strengths, weaknesses in different port operation categories, as well as opportunities for future growth.

The mapping representation of the scoring of each port in various operation categories and sub-categories will create a “scoring thematic map” which will clearly illustrate the spatial parameter of each operation. The findings of the spatial analysis will develop their understanding of port administrative requirements, logistics procedures, port operations and Customs formalities. Finally, the thematic maps will provide a communication platform at European, national and regional levels, facilitating the understanding of the quality of services in each port.

To access the MEDNET Port Observatory, please click here:

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