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Traffic hazardous trucks will be detained

Date: 14/08/2014

The Norwegian Ministry of Transportation has started the process to change the law, so the Government can detain trucks and semi-trailers when needed. A lot of foreign truck drivers leave Norway without paying fines or fees given – and it is almost impossible to make them pay after they cross our border.

The withholding of trucks can in the future happen regardless of whether a fine or fee is accepted.

This example illustrates the problem: Foreign trucks in bad condition and without equipment to drive safely on icy roads causes hazardous situation every year. The drivers have limited experience related to winter driving. They do not only put their own life at risk, they also cause traffic jams, accidents and tragedies every winter.

Experience shows that many foreign truck drivers are being fined, but do not make payment. The breach of Norwegian road traffic legislation is therefore without consequences.

The new legislation states that if a truck driver is imposed or assumed to be imposed a penalty or fee for violations of regulations by the Road Traffic Act, the police, the public roads administration and the customs authorities can withhold the vehicle until the penalty fee and any expenses are paid, for example by using wheel locks.

The new proposal will reduce the problem, the Norwegian Transport minister, Mr. Ketil Solvik-Olsen states.

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