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Customs: Commission adopts strategy and action plan for better customs risk management

Date: 17/09/2014

A new strategy to improve customs risk management, together with a detailed action plan, was adopted by the Commission. Robust customs risk management is essential to protect the safety and security of the EU and its citizens, the interests of legitimate traders and EU financial interests, while at the same time enabling the smooth flow of trade. As the volume of trade grows and the international supply chain becomes ever more complex and fast-moving, the framework for customs risk management needs to be adapted and developed accordingly. The new strategy seeks to ensure that customs is more coherent, efficient and cost effective in identifying and supervising supply chain risks, in a way that reflects today's realities. The action plan sets out specific measures to achieve this, together with the actors responsible and clear deadlines for doing so.

The new strategy identifies the key priorities where action is needed in order to achieve more effective and efficient EU-wide customs risk management. Each of these priorities is then developed, in the accompanying action plan, in terms of actions to be taken and deliverables to be achieved. The Commission, Member States and economic operators all have important and clearly defined roles to play in ensuring the successful implementation of the new strategy.

The main priorities in the strategy to improve customs risk management are:

  • Efficient controls and risk-mitigation
  • Data quality
  • Information sharing
  • Interagency cooperation
  • Cooperation with traders
  • Capacity building
  • International customs cooperation


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