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Combined Transport's EU Transport Policy Expectations

Date: 17/09/2014

The road-rail Combined Transport operators and transhipment terminal managers have formulated their expectations of European Transport policymakers on the occasion of this year's European elections, the formation of the European Parliament's Transport Committee, as well as ahead of the nomination of the new European Commission.

The UIRR expectations were motivated by the following three overriding desires:

- Create a balanced regulatory playing field in transport to enable fair and equal competition of every transport mode.

- Boost the competitiveness of railways

- Temporary measures to assist the transition period are needed in the meantime to assist the sustainable modes of transport (rail, inland navigation and short sea shipping). These modes are essential components of much needed intermodality in long(er) distance freight transport presently disadvantaged by regulatory imbalances, which should be temporarily assisted through benefit measures (until the desired legislative adjustments are all adopted and implemented).

In order to achieve measurable progress in these topics, the following actions are recommended for the 2014-2019 legislative period:

- Enact the amendment of the Directive 96/53/EC regarding weights and dimensions as adopted in first reading in April 2014

- Conclude the Fourth Railway Package Technical and Governance Pillars as proposed by the EC

- Adopt the revision of the European Excise Duty Directive (2003/96/EC) as proposed by the Commission

- Recast the Combined Transport Directive (92/106/EC) to become an effective temporary mitigation and promotion tool

- Recast the Eurovignette Directive into the eToll Directive

- Consistently monitor the progress of implementation of adopted laws

- Duly consider the potential that intermodality and Combined Transport can deliver towards achieving European transport policy aims during the mid-term review of the Commission's Transport White Paper and the formulation of the new Freight Logistics Action Plan.

UIRR – 05/09/2014

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