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Monthly Featured MSPC Member: Kaless Ltd

Date: 13/11/2014

Kaless Ltd was established in 1995 by Mr. Carmel Cini. The main scope, aims and objectives was to offer haulage, lifting and transportation services to the local industry. Kaless Ltd was and still is a fully licensed “Burdnar” offering their esteemed clientele a repertoire of expertise and reliability.

Mr. Cini has been involved within the port operations since childhood and acquired a vast knowledge in regards to vessel loading/offloading together with quay function operations. The love for the job enabled him to grow his knowledge and expertise thus paving the way for him to become a Licensed Foreman for port operations and stevedoring.

The years of service at the docks as a Licensed Foreman together with an ever increasing demand for specialised equipment and specific services within the port area led Mr.Cini to develop Kaless Ltd to Kaless Services Ltd. The new company core operations were being designed to sustain the new arising specific demands.  

Kaless Services Ltd developed into becoming the backup company that could sustain demands arising within the local port industry. The company business direction developed accordingly thus enabling it to provide the previously unavailable backup that operational demands for specifics vessel & cargo required. The company could now sustain the required demand for the specialized service and equipment. 

The pro-efficiency within the specialized service sector led the company into entering the local industry and develop its operations to include domestic requirements. This could only be enhanced and sustained with the allocation of industrial premises within the Marsa industrial Estate.

These premises made it possible for the company to expand and become a leader within the specialized works market. Notwithstanding this the company recognized that through continuous upgraded, acquisition and manufacture of specialised tooling, equipment and personnel is the way forward to ensure customers demands and expectations are met.

The success of the venture was directly tied to the continuous training of personnel, backed up by the necessary investment in modern tools and equipment.

By having Kaless Services Ltd as the backup company, Mr.Cini could sustain the ever increasing demand for intricate and specialised port operations. He made it possible for local ship agent representative companies to enhance their portfolio and offer these additional services round the clock.

Such instances occurred on various occasions throughout the years whereby certain intricate operations that were deemed as being beyond the local means, could not have been pulled through successfully without such knowledge, backup, assistance and expertise in the field.

Progress is un-stoppable and thought the years demand for specialized services within the port area started to diminish due to technological advancement and demands, however at the same time the director realised that new demands within the local market were emerging.

RORO companies calling the local ports started to increase, leading to the change of perspective of how cargo moved in and out of the Maltese island. This led to the diminishing of conventional cargo. At the same time trailer service grew to unprecedented levels. A new niche with the port and cargo moving services enhanced with by the RORO sector emerged.

Local transporters that operated overseas trailer services increased the demand for maintenance services. Equipment is very expensive and strict rules and regulation ensured that demand for maintenance moved laterally. Kaless Services Ltd was once again at the forefront. Throughout the company’s reorganization and development of services within its portfolio it offered services to sustain the markets increasing demand and expansion.  This could only be achieved though the ability, agility and flexibility in embracing progress, change the company’s core operations and direction according to rising demand thus leading the way forward.

Today, Kaless Services Ltd  is well established and  recognized as a small to a medium enterprise, employing 14 Full time personnel, 5 part timers and an amount of casual workers .

The director’s motivation to move forward is never ending. Progress demands development and viewing past experience one can safely presume that in the near future Kaless Services will expand the company’s portfolio by providing further specialized services within the Maintenance sector and Freight Industry.

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