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Monthly Featured MSPC Member: CILT

Date: 16/01/2015

CILT International has been the institute for professionals engaged in the transport and logistics sector, since the 1920's.  Today, CILT International has over 33,000 members located around the world, primarily in the Commonwealth states.

The principal objective of the Institute is “To promote and advance the art and science of logistics and transport”. The Institute achieves this objective through both its membership and its educational qualifications.

To this end CILT provides knowledge on a worldwide basis to people entering, working and connected with the logistics and transport professions. Members work in a number of professional areas which include Freight Transport, Passenger Transport, International trade and Transport planning. Membership provides a professional identity to those in the logistics and transport sector as well as international recognition.

CILT (Malta) understood the importance to motivate people working in the sector to gain knowledge by pursing accredited professional programmes run by the University of Malta, and presently supports the Higher National Diploma in Logistics and Transportation. Combined with appropriate management experience, these programmes lead to recognized Professional Qualifications.

CILT (Malta) supports the lifelong learning philosophy. Regular CILT events, such as presentations from established logistics professionals organised locally, contribute to the members’ Continuous Professional Development.  Information on the current local and international transport scenario is shared with members through the monthly newsletter and the CILT (Malta) website.

CILT is committed to promote logistics and transport professionalism through local and international network logistics partners. This facilitates beneficial links and valuable information sharing between associates.

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