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European Shippers’ Council calls for greater monitoring of shipping line cooperation

Date: 14/04/2015

The European Shippers’ Council (ESC) has called for greater data monitoring by national competition authorities following recent announcements regarding shipping line collaborations which, it claims, are bringing “the container liner market one step closer to total convergence”.

In particular, the organisation which represents the logistic interests of manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers, wants a focus on “operational and juridical links between ship owners” and the “correlation between price modification and capacity modification”.

In a statement, the Brussels-based organisation argued that the situation will “neither improve trade nor the growth of economies”, stating: This new global partnership underlines the fact that the maritime liner competition should be seen from a global perspective and not at regional level.

“Uniform process and analysis framework should be developed by competition authorities to deal with this new paradigm. Looking at alliances through the wrong end of the telescope will not allow authorities to understand properly the market dynamics.”

In the ESC’s belief, the data monitoring it is calling for will help competition authorities transition from “a curing stance to a more preventing mood which is far better for economic activities”.

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