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Motorways in the net

Date: 10/06/2015

Motorways of the seas remain amongst the most important European Union initiatives in the field of maritime transport. A concomitant website has now presented several new features and is set to provide users with comprehensive information flows.

The European Union is continuing to work intensively on the expansion of its motorways of the seas. The website has been designated as one of the key channels to further spread this transport concept, which has been designed to shift more cargo from the roads to coastal shipping. The portal is dedicated to motorways of the sea themes (including door-to-door maritime transportation as well as the overall logistics chain) and also acts as a core information conduit for the latest news about ports, shipping, transport and industry events.

The website’s operators have developed some special new features and additional sections in the motorways of the seas network that are set to become important foci of the platform. They cover LNG activities, alternative fuels and technologies, logistics issues, single-window directives, damage control, evacuation and crisis management operations.

Focusing on LNG

The LNG section is available and offers news, regulations, projects and market trends for the segment. Soon users will also find the contents of courses there that are scheduled to be offered in the overall European motorways of the seas project. These contents include the design of LNG-fuelled vessels, safety and security when handling liquefied natural gas, plant information, news concerning bunkering stations and procedures on board vessels fuelled by the gas, LNG cargo and ballast management, manoeuvring these vessels, as well as propulsion and power-generation on LNG-driven vessels. These contents will be also available through the mobile app for Android called <<On the MoS way network>>. It will display the structure of the courses and information on how to attend them, and will also keep users in contact with course managers.

The other new special sections will soon be available too, with the contents of post-graduate and vocational training courses delivered in the so-called train MoS II project. This covers knowledge tailored for the needs of those who work in and want an in depth analysis of specific themes, as well as for those who want to complete their existing knowledge base.

The website also aims to become a reference point for knowledge created in other European projects that will use the portal to share information with the community, even after the formal end of a project itself.

Source: International Transport Journal

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