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Launching of the Malta Maritime Forum

Date: 21/08/2015

The Malta Maritime Forum was officially launched on Friday 31st July during a briefing session that the Malta Shortsea Promotion Centre (MSPC) had with Honorary Minister Mr Joe Mizzi and Mr James Piscopo, Chairman and CEO of Transport Malta. 

MSPC comprises twenty four different local entities including ship owners, port terminals, ship repair yards, unions, associations and private companies. 

It has long been felt that at a local level there was a dire need for the setting up of a common platform to co-ordinate the efforts, aspirations and challenges faced by the various sectors that go to make up the Malta maritime industry.  This is what the Malta Maritime Forum aims to achieve.  Its main objectives are to promote and defend the interests of the various maritime sectors and to assist in the development of new maritime activities.  Emphasis is being laid on bridging between the industry and the academic to ensure that the local maritime industry develops solid foundations for correct path development. 

The maritime industry in Malta is of such vital importance that it cannot afford to lag behind when it comes to standards and professionalism.  The marketing of the Malta flag, the development of the Malta Freeport Terminal, the success registered by Valletta Cruise Port – to mention a number of success stories, cannot be left to chance, and the industry has to ensure standard and quality to ensure sustainability. 

The aim of the Malta Maritime Forum is to act as a constituted body so as to consult and be consulted by Government in the development of public policies that can have a bearing on the Malta maritime industry. 

The Minister was also briefed on the pro-active approach that the existing twenty four members are taking and pledged that from his side, the Forum will be welcome.  He noted that although a lot of progress has been registered, there still remains inefficiencies and unnecessary bureaucracy that have to be tackled and eliminated.  He agreed that through the support that Transport Malta has given to this initiative, the Forum will make a counter balance for the same authority so that progress is achieved through constant consultation.  

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