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Malta Maritime Forum appoints chairman

Date: 18/01/2016

The Malta Maritime Forum has appointed Joe Borg as chairman of its board of directors. A former European Commissioner, Dr Borg has extensive experience in maritime matters and was directly responsible for the development of the European integrated maritime policy, aimed at bringing together the diverse sectors that make up the European maritime industry.

Dr Borg will be overseeing the development of the forum, which has as its main objective the promotion of the local maritime industry. This entails identifying and prioritising issues crucial to the industry for it to thrive and develop.

The forum also aims to address various issues and subject matters through sub-committees made up of specialists in the subject matters. Standards, education and training within the maritime industry are bound to attract utmost attention because the future of this industry depends on having training professionals.

The board has welcomed the decision of the University of Malta to apply for corporate membership in the forum because another objective is to bridge between industry and academia.

Although the forum is industry-driven, it looks forward to establishing communication with government ministries and authorities, particularly Transport Malta, so it can consult and be consulted on matters of interest to the industry.

Lino Vassallo, who is currently Malta’s permanent representative to the International Maritime Organisation, as well as general secretary of the Malta International Shipowners Association, was appointed vice chairman.

The other members are Paul Abela (GRTU), Jason Bongailas (Malta Shortsea Promotion Centre), Joseph Bugeja (Malta Motorways of the Sea), Josef Calleja (Palumbo Shipyard), Michael Callus (Medsea Shipping Agency), Ryan Fava (Malta Dockers Union), Ann Fenech (Malta Maritime Law Association), Jesmond Mifsud (Malta Maritime Pilots), Alex Montebello (Malta Freeport Terminals) and Godwin Xerri (Combined Maritime Services).

Source: Times of Malta

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