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Announcement of the launch of a Maritime Research & Education Development Council (MREDC)

Date: 18/01/2016

The Parliamentary Secretary for Competiveness and Economic Growth José Herrera has announced the setting up of a new Maritime Research & Education Development Council (MREDC) in collaboration with the Ministry for Education and Employment.

MREDC, which will be set up under the responsibility of Malta Marittima, is one of the main priorities of the Maltese integrated maritime policy, with the main aims being that of bridging the skills gap of our workforce within the maritime sector, and that of triggering more interest in this key industry. MREDC will include the following benefits: a clearer identity and focus on the industry, a stronger focus on related curricula, the ability to focus funds (including research) where they are most needed, a greater maritime community involvement, a greater focus on data and student attainment, asset management of educational training facilities, and more effective governance.

The whole excercise may still lead to foreign providers for professional maritime education, however, this should be driven by the local educational institutions through collaborative agreements, thus creating the opportunity for local institutions to grow further and establish themselves internationally in the maritime sector. The proposed structure proposes to: provide the Minister for Education and Employment with a strategy to develop Marine and Maritime Education locally, provide support in the area of research and education to Malta Marittima, provide a forum specifically set up between educational institutions and industry for consultation, coordinate with Malta Marittima on public relations efforts to increase awareness about career opportunities, and coordinate with Malta Marittima on the promotion of educational institutions, both locally and internationally.

The Government is therefore proposing that the Council includes representatives of educational institutions and of stakeholders and associations related to the maritime industry. Members of the Council will thus include representatives from the Parliamentary Secretariat for Competiveness and Economic Growth and from the Ministry of Education and Employment, MCST, Malta Marittima, and representatives from the main educational and research institutions, namely the University of Malta and MCAST. The Council will be chaired by the representative of the Ministry of Education and Employment.

Herrera noted with satisfaction that the Government is also performing in this major economic sector, and reaffirmed the commitment of his Parliamentary Secretariat in ensuring the success in the achievement of the aims of the MREDC. The Parliamentary Secretary thanked Evarist Bartolo and his Ministry for the fruitful collaboration.


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