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EU Commission expects aviation negotiations mandate from Luxembourg’s Transport Council

Date: 15/06/2016

Turkey is one of the countries that the aviation agreement negotiations mandate is about, as it represents the second largest destination for passenger traffic to and from the EU, with almost 40 million passengers in 2014.

Transport ministers from all 28 European Union member states met in Luxembourg on June 7 to discuss the Aviation Strategy for Europe.

The top issue tabled for discussion is the new mandate for external aviation agreements.

On this, the EU Commission is expected to secure authorisation from the European Council to open negotiations on comprehensive aviation agreements with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Turkey.

“Those comprehensive agreements aim to achieve more transparent market conditions for European airlines at the global aviation market of tomorrow,” said Jakub Adamowicz, the EU Commission spokesperson for transport policy.

The negotiations will start when the Council’s mandate is granted and will include all the 28 member states, including Cyprus, said Adamowicz referring to the EU-Turkey negotiations on the aviation agreement that would also include the aviation relations between the two countries.

Turkey, after the United States, represents the largest destination for passenger traffic to and from the EU, with almost 40 million passengers in 2014.

The agreements the EU Commission will negotiate aim to ensure high standards of safety, security, air traffic management, infrastructure, consumer, social, and environmental protection. They will also create new economic opportunities and ensure fair and transparent market conditions based on a clear regulatory framework for all actors, by ensure market access, promote investment opportunities, facilitate air travel and provide a wider choice to consumers.

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