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Shortsea and train connections on ShortseaSchedules website

Date: 21/12/2016

More and more ports are getting better and better rail services in Europe. Shortsea Shipping Norway has therefore upgraded their services. Important rail routes for all the important ports were added, connected with their sea routes. You can now look up and combine rail and sea routes.

In ShortseaSchedules ( you click on one of the red markers on the map to mark a starting point. Then click on another mark in red or grey and you are shown the best route combinations. Or, you can search by adding a city or address in the ‘From’ field and another city or address in the ‘To’ field. You are then shown route options with ports and rail terminals included and also pre- and on-carriage​.

If you want to see which inland terminals you can reach from any port, you only need to click on the icon of that port. Then terminals with direct connection are shown in red. Reversely, you can also see which ports you can reach from a terminal by clicking on the terminal in the map.

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