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Oxford University professor impressed at IMLI’s progress

Date: 16/02/2017

Prof. Francis Reynolds, professor emeritus at University of Oxford, recently complimented the International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI), hosted by the University of Malta, Msida, for the progress and development it had achieved over the years. He especially highlighted the growth of the institute’s library, which he said is extremely well-run by an excellent librarian who he said tactfully guides the students.

Prof. Reynolds was at IMLI deli­vering his 20th course on the carriage of goods by sea to students at the institute. He gave  students a detailed understanding of the commercial background to shipping operations worldwide, from international sale of goods, letters of credit and similar topics to charter parties, bills of lading and the other documents used in connection with carriage contracts.

He also helped students appreciate the relationship bet­ween shippers, carriers, charterers and ship owners, and why these parties act in certain ways and require certain facilities.

Prof. Reynolds said during his first visits to IMLI the classes consisted of about 15 students. Since then, thanks to the support provided by the government and scholarships offered by the Nippon Foundation, many more students from all over the world – with some from most unexpected places – have enrolled in the course to learn about the rule of international maritime law. “My impression especially the last few years is that each group gets better than the last. The students are always interesting and lively,” he commented.

Prof. Reynolds also praised the institute for its ‘Country profile presentation’ initiative. He said: “The idea is a very good one. I have learnt quite a lot about other countries from them, and even the students learn new things about their own country while preparing their presentations. It is a very valuable part of the programme.”

Prof. Reynolds is a barrister, an honorary Queen’s counsel, an honorary bencher of the Inner Temple, and an emeritus fellow of Worcester College, Oxford.

He is a fellow of the British Academy, a titulary member of the Comité Maritime International, and has been a visiting professor at University College London, University of Auckland, Otago University, University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, University of Hong Kong, Monash University and the National University of Singapore.

Source: Times of Malta

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