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The port of Bilbao reduces port charges with a new valuation of its land

Date: 17/05/2017

The Port Authority of Bilbao has developed a new proposal for the assessment of the land and water of the service area of ​​the enclave with the aim of reducing the port fees paid by users installed on their land.

Once approved, "this new valuation will mean that the port floor is cheaper, with the consequent cost savings to the vast majority of the approximately 200 companies installed on its surface, assuming a negative economic impact on the revenues of the Port Authority of Bilbao for an annual amount over 1,500,000 euros, which represents a lower collection of the order of 7% in the occupation rate, "they say from the port.

For the elaboration of this proposal for the assessment of land and water table, the criteria established in this respect have been taken into account in the port regulations, which, based on their determination subject to market criteria with reference to nearby municipalities and with similar uses And conditions, establishes the application of various weighting factors of port nature to the various functional areas in which the port service area is divided, both in its land and water.

It is expected that, once all the relevant procedures have been carried out in accordance with the consolidated text of the Law on State Ports and the Merchant Marine, the new values ​​applied to port charges will enter into force during the 2018 financial year, port Authority.


Two rate rebates in four years

In fiscal year 2014 a reduction, around 8%, of the tax rates applied to the occupation rate came into force, which resulted in a negative economic impact for the Port Authority of Bilbao exceeding two million euros.

In this way, once this new land valuation has been approved, two major reductions in port rates will have taken place in four years, which negatively affect the port authority's income statement for an annual amount exceeding 3, 6 million.

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