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MSC Plays the haver in transhipment with five new lines

Date: 14/06/2017

The Le Havre TNMSC terminal receives five new lines, including four services in the United Kingdom 
and one in Morocco and Portugal. Several are transferred from Antwerp. MSC bets on the 
French port for more transhipments. 

Excellent news for Le Havre whose container traffic is already growing in the first 
quarter on both markets, hinterland and transhipment. Two lines serve Scotland (Grangemouth to the east, Greenock to the west), Dublin and Tilbury - along with Dunkerque, which is connected to all services in Le Havre.  Antwerp will retain capacity with small feeders but Le Havre recovers the 
largest vessels (1,700 TEUs). At the same time, to replace the Angola Express line, 
MSC opened a new weekly line linking North Europe (Bremerhaven, Antwerp, Le Havre) to Casablanca and Sines, with two container ships, MSC Anahita (2,900 TEUs) MSC Vidisha R. (4,100 TEU).  The number of additional boxes generated by these transfers is not indicated, but Hervé 
Cornède, the commercial manager of the Port of Harbourfront, takes his calculator. "There were 11 services at the TNMSC terminal when it opened in Port 2000 in 2012. There are now 23." According to him, Le Havre is "going through a course".  

Source: Le Marin

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