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UNIFEEDER Reorganized into three regional centers

Date: 17/07/2017

To respond to market developments - and customer concentration - Unifeeder announces a profound change in its European structure with the closing of national offices and the creation of three major regions: Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Central and Western Europe.

The new regional headquarters will be located in Copenhagen (in fact, it has been operating since last autumn and with excellent results, the company contends) in Gdansk and Hamburg. The Unifeeder headquarters is, of course, in Aarhus.

With the restructuring, the offices will be closed in about ten national markets and around 50 jobs will be lost (although all employees have been allowed to remain in the organization). Copenhagen will concentrate the management of the markets of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Gdansk will cover Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Finland. Hamburg will superintend in the Benelux, Germany and UK. Russia will maintain independent management.

The changes will be particularly felt in the feeders business (because of the concentration of the market ...), since in the shortsea, and because of the specificity of the markets, some local offices will remain subservient, and depending on the regional headquarters, , Cases from Norway, Finland, the Netherlands or the United Kingdom.

Unifeeder is the largest European feeder service operator, operating with a fleet of about 50 vessels and an aggregate capacity of 55,000 TEUs.


Source: Shortsea Poland

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