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The Port of Vigo is positioned in Europe as a reference for blue growth

Date: 17/07/2017

It will seek to strengthen collaboration with DG Mare, setting itself up as an example to be followed by other European ports.


The Port of Vigo has traveled to Brussels with the aim of positioning itself as a benchmark of Blue Growth before the heads of DG Mare. The team that has been working on this plan since last year at the request of the Consellería do Mar has accompanied the president of the institution, Enrique C. López Veiga, on this trip, together with the Director General of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Innovation Technologist of the Xunta de Galicia, Mercedes Rodríguez and the General Directorate of Fisheries Management of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, José Luis González.


In the planning for these days highlights the meeting that took place yesterday with the Director of Maritime Policy and Blue Economy of the Directorate General of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of DG Mare, Bernhard Friess, as well as various heads of unit of the European Commission . Likewise, the Vigo delegation participated in a luncheon-colloquium which they have called "Blue Economy, Employment and Sustainability: the Port of Vigo's strategy to implement blue growth" , in which 50,000 DG Mare officials took part.


The team led by López Veiga will take advantage of his stay in Brussels to study possible lines of future collaboration between DG Mare and the Blue Growth Plan of the Port of Vigo, with the objective of maintaining a close collaboration between both administrations and reinforcing their cooperation in matters Of transfer of knowledge and good practices in the implementation of this strategy of Blue Growth.


It will also report to the Commission on the progress of the Blue Growth Plan launched by the Port of Vigo, from which a total of 48 specific projects and 44 actions have been grouped around four objectives: to make Vigo a Green port, innovative, inclusive and connected. In this sense, the Galician delegation will try to position itself as a reference in Europe of the concept "Blue Growth", in addition to strengthening the collaboration with DG Mare. To this end, the port president will present to the heads of the European Commission the Plan carried out successfully by the Port of Vigo as a way of understanding the development of the European Maritime Policy through the participation of various agents with the objective To promote a harmonious development of all sectors of the Blue Economy from the bottom up.


Balance of the strategy


Among the conclusions that López Veiga's team will present to the Commission, the high participation of organizations and individuals involved in this strategy - more than 250 - during the design process, as well as their constant involvement in the formulation and implementation Progress of projects and actions through the different working groups. "We have invested a lot of effort and funds to ensure the dynamization of these working groups, from which great actions and projects have arisen, whose design has taken into account the impact they will have on the sustainable development of the area of ​​influence, Said López Veiga.


In addition, the "Blue Growth" delegation will highlight institutional involvement as key to ensuring the sustainability of the Plan. To this end, a Governance system has been put in place, to which the General Secretariat of Fisheries has recently been incorporated. Together with the Xunta de Galicia, Puertos del Estado, the Zona Franca Consortium and the Campus do Mar, Has met periodically in the last to analyze in detail the implementation of this strategy.


In these meetings, the promoting institutions have warned of the great impact that this strategy is having on the Galician economy. This evaluation has been designed from the beginning of the implementation of the Blue Growth Plan, in order to anticipate the expected impact on the design of all projects and actions and to determine the way data are collected and analyzed.


Finally, the Galician delegation will emphasize the importance of establishing a stable commitment on the part of the institutions promoting the Blue Growth Initiatives and of ensuring a minimum funding for the launch of key projects and actions. "It has generated great expectations at local, regional and national level, and it is important not to disappoint, and for this, communication is an important axis: you have to be transparent and demonstrate it with data," insisted López Veiga.


Source: Spanish Ports

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