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DNV teams up to assist tanker owners with ship to ship (STS) Operations Plans

Date: 15/09/2010


Oil tankers involved in the ship to ship transfer (STS) of oil cargo will need to have an approved STS Operations Plan on board as from the first survey after 2011-01-01. DNV is ready to assist in developing such plans as well as to approve them on behalf of flag administrations. Resolution MEPC.186(59), adopted at MEPC 59, contains a new Chapter 8 of MARPOL Annex I on the prevention of pollution during the transfer of oil cargo between oil tankers at sea which is applicable to oil tankers of 150 GT and above engaged in STS operations. Bunker operations and oil transfer operations associated with fixed or floating platforms are excluded. As from the date of the first annual, intermediate or renewal survey of the ship under MARPOL Annex I on or after 1 January 2011, affected oil tankers involved in STS operations will need to carry on board an approved STS Operations Plan describing how STS operations are to be conducted.


The STS Operations Plan is to be developed taking into account the information contained in the IMO’s “Manual on Oil Pollution, Section 1, Prevention” as amended, and the ICS and OCIMF “Ship to Ship Transfer Guide, Petroleum, fourth edition, 2005.”


In order to assist tanker owners in developing STS Operations Plans, DNV has produced a model of such a plan.


Source: DNV


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