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Leadership excellence award

Date: 16/11/2017

Recently the Grimaldi Group was presented with the ‘Leadership Excellence Award’ by Italian magazine, Panorama at the illustrious Harvard Club in New York.

The award ceremony took place during a gala dinner at the event ‘This is Italy, parts unknown’, held in the framework of the ‘Panorama of Italy’ tour.

The event is aimed to introduce Italian excellence to American audience, focusing on areas were the Made in Italy performance is outstanding, such as fashion, art, culture and food.

The Grimaldi Group was rewarded along with other Italian brands, entrepreneurs, intellectuals and representatives in the world of music, fashion and gastronomy.

The Grimaldi Group is a leader in short sea services, particularly in the so-called motorways of the sea

The Naples-based group was defined by Panorama, as an example of Italian distinction worldwide, an expression of excellence overseas.

“It is a great honour for us to be counted among the excellence of the Made in Italy,” said Dott. Emanuele Grimaldi, managing director of the Grimaldi Group.

“I am very flattered that this award goes to the Grimaldi Group, because it rewards our commitment to provide even more extensive and efficient transport services to all import and export companies operating on the American continent,” he added.

With 70 years of experience, the company is a dedicated supplier of integrated logistics services based on maritime transport to the world’s major vehicle manufacturers.

The group operates various maritime services for the rolling freight and containers in Europe, the Near East, North and West Africa, North and South America.

The Grimaldi Group is a leader in short sea services, particularly in the so-called motorways of the sea. With regards to passengers’ transport, the group offers regular services in the Mediterranean and the Baltic Sea through the Grimaldi Lines, Minoan Lines and Finnlines brands.

The Grimaldi Group is represented in Malta by Sullivan Maritime Ltd.

Source: Times of Malta

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