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TEN-T European Coordinators Bodewig and Secchi present progress report on innovative financing to European Parliament

Date: 26/03/2018

Two and a half years after the publication of their Action Plan on how to make the best use of innovative financial schemes for European transport infrastructure projects, Prof. Kurt Bodewig and Prof. Carlo Secchi presented today a report to the European Parliament in which they reflect on the progress made so far.

In their report, both authors acknowledge that a number of things have moved forward following their recommendations, especially with regard to the successful launch of the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI). At the same time, there are still opportunities to further mobilise finances, improve the quality of projects and improve and streamline the regulatory environment. All this to the benefit of transport infrastructure projects in order to move passengers and merchandises swiftly and efficiently within territories and across borders.

It is estimated that 500 billion EUR will still be needed over 2021-2030 to complete the core infrastructure of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). This figure rises to 1.5 trillion EUR to complete the entire network by 2050. Mobilising more private financing and generating new sources of financial support is thus crucial to reach these very high amounts.

Their progress report highlights a variety of measures that are still needed to be implemented as to ensure that the TEN-T is realised on time. Please read the concrete recommendations, a number of which being under the direct influence of the EU institutions. It's in our hands, let's go for it!

Source: DG Move

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