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Contributing towards the blue economy

Date: 19/07/2018

Since its inception in 2016, the Malta Marittima Agency has set up the necessary platforms and fora to help promote maritime economic development.

Blue growth is the long-term strategy to support sustainable development in the marine and maritime sectors.  Seas and oceans account for around 80 per cent of the world’s surface area and are widely unexploited and unexplored, meaning they hold resources and opportunities for potential innovation and growth.  In congruence with global trends, the EU is constantly encouraging Member States, including Malta, to look at this sector, which is synonymous with shipping, logistics and tourism.

To sustain the traditional maritime sectors and explore the novel sectors, Malta Marittima has set up clusters to explore a course of action to be undertaken.

So far, three sectoral clusters were launched by the agency in congruence with the National Integrated Maritime Policy namely, the Logistics Cluster, Blue Bio-Technology Cluster and the Aquaculture Cluster.  These clusters work alongside groups made up of stakeholders and include businesses, industry associations, government entities, academic and research institutions.

Clusters fit into the blue growth philosophy, however, to make blue growth happen, there is a need to capitalise on existing initiatives on the ground, make use of synergies and generate additional economic activities for the benefit of those involved. This means that entities both within the government and the private sector get together with the primary objective to promote Malta as a maritime nation and explore opportunities that can generate sustainable economic activities. By means of these clusters, the government together with the industry, work hand in hand on certain criteria such as branding, standards, education and improvement in the quality of service.

Maritime clusters contribute to create innovation, jobs and growth, meaning Malta Marittima is working to develop other maritime sectoral clusters to progress this.

Source: Malta Marittima

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