Malta Shortsea Promotion Centre

Escola - European training & research centre

Who we are

The Escola is a European training and research centre with the objective of
promoting intermodal transport as a basis for the development of sustainable
logistics in Europe.

The organisation focuses its activities along 4 areas of competencies –
administration, communication, knowledge and events management – and 3
different types of services – training, R&D, and cluster internationalisation within
the Port of Barcelona.

The Escola began as a centre offering that was funded by the Marco Polo
Programme. It offered training to professionals active in the logistics and transport
sectors and to University students studying logistics within the European Union.
Now the organisation has gained experience and expertise in the administration
of national and international projects, using its communication tools and skills in
collaboration with other partners on other European projects, developing new
content in collaboration with recognised European institutions, and the promoting
existing logistics clusters within the Mediterranean.

The Escola functions not only thanks to the generous support of the Marco Polo
and TEN-T Programmes of the European Union, but also from the partnerships
it has developed over the years with key ports and shipping line companies
throughout the Mediterranean. Our partners are the port of Barcelona – the main
patron of the Escola – , the Ports of Rome, the port of Genoa, and the Shipping
lines Grimaldi Group Naples and Grandi Navi Veloci.

All of the above demonstrates the potential of our organisation and the
commitment of this European initiative.

What we do

The Escola offers 3 kinds of services within the projects that it undertakes.
The first, and the primary, service offered is training. The courses currently offered
are done in the framework of the EU co-funded project LIFE logistics. The unique
approach taken by the Escola in the courses is to have them take place either on a
vessel performing a regular Short Sea Shipping service, or on a train on a journey
in the North of Spain.

Two types of courses are offered: LIFE MOS, which offers specific training on the
Motorways of the Sea, and covers the integration of the E-maritime link into the
overall door-to-door transport chain; and LIFE RAIL, which offers specific training
on maritime-rail, and cover the integration of the maritime-railway link into the
overall door-to-door transport chain.

The Escola also participates in various European projects linked to the promotion
and development of new and existing Trans-European Transport Networks. Within
these projects (such as MOS4MOS), the Escola works together with partners
coming from various European countries – Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, the
Netherlands, Italy, Greece, among others. These projects occupy the remaining of
the Escola’s services – R&D and cluster promotion.

Where we work

The Escola has its headquarters in Barcelona. Here most of the work on
international projects is done – however some projects have taken us as far
as Istanbul. As part of the communication and promotion activities the Escola
staff frequently travel to other destination to share the know-how and expertise.
Moreover, because of our high-quality event organisational skills, we have also
hosted private and public conferences for experts coming from as far as the United

The courses that we organise as part of our training services also are rarely
restricted to our classrooms in Barcelona. LIFE MOS courses are carried out
on vessels that serve on the Grimaldi Shipping Line between Barcelona and
Civitavecchia or Grandi Navi Veloci line between Barcelona and Genoa. LIFE RAIL
courses are carried out in custom-built wagon-classrooms tailored specifically
for the needs of the Escola. The train, ‘el Expreso de la Robla’, has two separate
parts; one for teaching and one for the accommodation of the students.